Toy hand-held commemoration of the 10th anniversary of “Halo” series

Microsoft PAX 2011 large-scale commemoration & lt; Halo & gt; series 10th anniversary brilliant

At P AX 2011, which ended last weekend, Microsoft hosted HALO FEST 2011 to mark the 10th anniversary of the masterpiece. The celebration, with a wealth of precious peripherals and materials, showcases the ten-year history of this masterpiece, which has been glorious with the era of cart-and-gun games.

In addition to simple historical works, thematic handwork and related peripheral games, HALO FEST 2011 also features a real-scale model of the sergeant, a spectacular “Halo” battlefield sandbox, a subtle restoration of the intense fighting in the virtual world in the real world, and even the original handle of the modern XBOX. Rare goods, such as type, are rare treasures that can only be seen at PAX 2011. & # 171; 1 2 & # 8230; 3 456 789 & # 8230; 29 30 next page & # 187; input type = “hidden” id = “destoon_next” value = “”/> 2


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