Otaku must have 2010 exquisite models, big hands


Pokemon series handheld

“P > [Trendy New Products] In many domestic hand-held introduction materials, we often see that it is difficult to start a production, but it is not the case. Before the popularity of finished form began to prevail, the main products manufactured by humanoid manufacturers were hand-made unfinished products, but after the popularity of finished products, hand-made began to decline slowly, so that the original manufacturer of hand-made products such as Shouwu were completely transferred to the production of finished products. There are so few hand-run vendors that the main hand-run creations and sales have become the sales of fellow GK groups on individual BLOGs or hand-held exhibitions. However, due to the inconvenience of hand-made materials transportation and marketing problems, seldom domestic sellers will start to order goods, so for domestic players, the original Japanese version of the hand-held is still very difficult to buy.

P > Today, let’s take a look at the latest handmade in 2010. Have you already done it?

as high as

as high as robot series handheld

dance without fire

Hand-made: GK, GARAGE KIT abbreviation, literally means a set of molds, many people will misunderstand it for all resin-based portraits, but it refers specifically to uncoated molds, is currently the majority of the men’s favorite animation neighborhood. & # 171; page 1 2 & # 8230; 345,679 & # 8230; 17,18 next page & # 187; input type = “hidden” id = “destoon_next” value = “https://www.com/show-10933-2.html”/>


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