Hong Kong animation and video game Festival model hosted by

[Chinese and foreign toy gifts network] July 30 to August 3, 2010, the 12th Hong Kong animation and video game festival held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center Exhibition Hall 1. The General Assembly estimates that the number of entries this year will reach 680 thousand, an increase of about 30 thousand compared with last year, an increase of about 5%.

12th Hong Kong Animation and Video Games Festival

There are more than 500 stalls in this festival, including game companies from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, animation toys, animation boutiques, comic book clubs and young people in Hong Kong. A variety of model handmade products have become the focus of the exhibition, according to the China News Agency reported that many animation fans in the last day to buy favorite products, the venue opened in the morning before hundreds of people to take turns. On the same day, second people were admitted, hoping to spend more than HK $1000 to buy the model. The following are the highlights of the exhibition site. (Salas)

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